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Interior design and architecture since 1999


Monday-Friday 10 -18

+38 /044/ 228 1845

Our works

Three-room apartment in Moscow, 109,8 sq. m

«Novopecherski yard», 2-bedroom apartment


Apartment in St. Petersburg

Concept Design baths

Apartment «Park Hall Gorky»

Apartment «Park Hall Gorky»

Design project apartment of 190 sq.m.

Living room-kitchen, «Sadoviy»

Concept design of the kitchen combined with living room

Buy the finished project

Dear customers, now you can buy from us the finished design project you like an apartment or a separate part of the documentation.
For details, see - 228 18 45 or 067 219-92-32

Spa complex, New Petrivtsi

Comfortable lounge, the walls of which are covered with natural wood. Large pool area is decorated with stone and green plants. All this gives the spa complex extraordinary comfort and luxury.


Special offer for customers UKRBUD

Mediterranean motive, «Novopecherski yard»

This apartment is the main idea was a combination of bright colors and natural materials.
Perfect place to relax in the heart of the metropolis.
Even in the 1 to the apartment can comfortably zoned space and highlight the bedroom, living room, dressing room, kitchen and dining room

Pavilions, New Petrivtsi

Designers have developed a concept of summer and winter pavilions for the customer.

Open garage lodge, Ivankovichi

Concept design open garage house  from the company Ukrintel.

Modern two bedroom apartment , Sadoviy

Designer in sales office UKRBUD

From now on, the Central sales department you have the opportunity to receive a preliminary consultation from a qualified interior designer — FREE!

You must first make an appointment by phone / 063 / 514- 42- 35.


Country comfort

Design country house, Zhornovka

Сhic bathroom in a private house, Lesniki

Design studio designed chic interior bathrooms for private houses.


Design hall, Lesniki

Design dressing room, Lesniki

Ukrintel make show-room 2-bedroom apartments in » Park Hall Gorky»

Show-room, Novopecherski yard

Design master bedroom, Lesniki

Хозяйская спальня светлая и блестящая – изобилие зеркал, хрусталя и декораций.

Дизайн-концепт от бюро Укринтел

Design cabinet

Luxury cabinet in art deco style.

House in Lesniki

Guest house, Lesniki

Suite for bachelor, «Sonyachna Brama»

3-bedroom apartment of 98 sq.m.

Raspberry fantasy, «Sonyachna Brama»

3-bedroom apartment of 87 sq.m.


One bedroom apartment 41.25 sq.m. with feature — only one window.

The apartment is very functional and bright. The interior is made in black and white hi-tech.

Apartment illusionist

House in Chapayevka

House in the English style

Cottage in Bavarian-style

Interior in Provence style, Sadoviy

Cottage with savour, Hodoseevka

2-bedroom apartment, «Park Hall Gorky»

2-bedroom apartment, «Park Hall Gorky» in classic style

Stylish glamor

3 — bedroom apartment  for a young active girl.

Apartment-cabinet, Comfort Town

Two-tier apartment , Kiev

Modern in gray-cherry tones

Bedroom design in pastel colors

Bedroom design, Artemis

Guest bathroom in a private house



Free Space for young chief


Harmony of Contrasts

Design house, Bobritsa

English style using natural materials.

Functional minimalism, » Kozatsky»

Comfort in central Moscow

Elegant apartment

Functional children’s rooms

Interior with ECO STYLE, Comfort Town



Living room-kitchen, Artemis



Apartment in Scandinavian style, » Kozatsky»

Design bathrooms in turquoise tones

Kids Room, Comfort Town

Creative bedroom for a teenager who loves sports



Modern apartment

A hint of the classics

Black and white glamor, Chernigov




Italian luxury

Residences in Concha Zaspa

Cottage, Bilogorodka




Victorian house

Design a child’s room

Extension to the house

Stylish space young woman. Design project apartment, Kiev

Bright children — with love for a child

House two girls

This apartment for a young mother with her daughter 5 years.

City loft

3-bedroom apartment of a new building.

Solution mansard room apartments. Living room- cabinet

Bedroom design



Design cabinet

Design of a private house

Kitchen design in classic style

Design in bright colors

Children’s room

Design concept a child’s room for a teenager who loves the movie «Spiderman.»

Country house, Obukhov

Comfortable kitchen

House of 320 square meters, Bilogorodka

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