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Interior design and architecture since 1999


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+38 /044/ 228 1845


«Novopecherski yard», 2-bedroom apartment

Apartment «Park Hall Gorky»

Apartment «Park Hall Gorky»

Design project apartment of 190 sq.m.

Living room-kitchen, «Sadoviy»

Concept design of the kitchen combined with living room

Mediterranean motive, «Novopecherski yard»

This apartment is the main idea was a combination of bright colors and natural materials.
Perfect place to relax in the heart of the metropolis.
Even in the 1 to the apartment can comfortably zoned space and highlight the bedroom, living room, dressing room, kitchen and dining room

Modern two bedroom apartment , Sadoviy

Suite for bachelor, «Sonyachna Brama»

3-bedroom apartment of 98 sq.m.

Raspberry fantasy, «Sonyachna Brama»

3-bedroom apartment of 87 sq.m.


One bedroom apartment 41.25 sq.m. with feature — only one window.

The apartment is very functional and bright. The interior is made in black and white hi-tech.

Apartment illusionist

Interior in Provence style, Sadoviy

2-bedroom apartment, «Park Hall Gorky»

2-bedroom apartment, «Park Hall Gorky» in classic style

Stylish glamor

3 — bedroom apartment  for a young active girl.

Apartment-cabinet, Comfort Town

Two-tier apartment , Kiev

Modern in gray-cherry tones

Bedroom design in pastel colors

Bedroom design, Artemis

Free Space for young chief


Harmony of Contrasts

Functional minimalism, » Kozatsky»

Comfort in central Moscow

Elegant apartment

Functional children’s rooms

Interior with ECO STYLE, Comfort Town



Living room-kitchen, Artemis



Apartment in Scandinavian style, » Kozatsky»

Design bathrooms in turquoise tones

Kids Room, Comfort Town

Creative bedroom for a teenager who loves sports



Modern apartment

A hint of the classics

Black and white glamor, Chernigov




Italian luxury

Design a child’s room

Stylish space young woman. Design project apartment, Kiev

Bright children — with love for a child

House two girls

This apartment for a young mother with her daughter 5 years.

City loft

3-bedroom apartment of a new building.

Solution mansard room apartments. Living room- cabinet

Bedroom design



Kitchen design in classic style

Design in bright colors

Children’s room

Design concept a child’s room for a teenager who loves the movie «Spiderman.»

Comfortable kitchen

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