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Interior design and architecture since 1999


Monday-Friday 10 -18

+38 /044/ 228 1845


Журнал «Уютная квартира», № 10, октябрь 2012


Плитка гигантских размеров, душевые кабины, поражающие воображение широчайшим набором самых экзотических функций, и самое главное – акценты на деталях. Об актуальных тенденциях дизайна интерьера ванных комнат – в материале директора компании «Укринтел» Марины Семенец для портала 3Doma.ua. Общие тенденции Ванная комната в квартире давно перестала быть сугубо функциональным местом, которую показывают гостям в последнюю очередь.   подробнее

Washington state

Washington state produces some excellent cabernet sauvignon. Cabs from appellations such as Red Mountain are usually pricey, but there are some good values from other parts of the state. The 2013 Buried Cane Cabernet Sauvignon ($14) from the vast Columbia Valley appellation is fresh and juicy, with black cherry, hard spices and firm but approachable   подробнее

Now with a copy

Now with a copy of Christian Louboutin Boots, shoes dieurspr similar price, you always want to have experience. Ah, really dasist worried difference derandere accessories, shoes, the number of factors to be considered braucheneine. Shoes will not only wear it, the appropriate design is very important. The list of the cheapest places to retire does   подробнее

The sun beat down

The sun beat down on the narrow wooden boardwalk. On either side, lush, impenetrable foliage hummed with insects and birdsong. It was sweltering a cloying, sultry, sticky heat more appropriate for primordial jungles than for Western Massachusetts. It could be that Celgene is cheap because some observers don’t fully believe the biotech can grow earnings   подробнее

free way to enjoy

«A great, free way to enjoy the festival is by volunteering, as it only costs time and effort,» Curt said. «Volunteers get $5 in food and beverage tickets for each shift they volunteer, plus a T shirt for more shifts, so there are several free angles there. Plus, if it weren’t for our 2,000 volunteers,   подробнее

Better still is the brilliant

Better still is the brilliant lemon curd, just barely sweet and pucker up tart, dappled with berries. The staff is laid back and eclectic, full of Uptown eccentricities. Many of the employees have been at this neighborhood caf for years. We are an easy target. There a cottage industry for academic studies showing that will   подробнее

Check the math

Check the math. Doug Walsh tells me dealers prefer to lease cars, «because they can hide your cash, trade in, and rebate on these complex line items on the lease agreement. You need to make sure the dealer hasn’t «creamed off» those savings by bumping up the capitalized cost or adding high cost extras, such   подробнее

managers tend to operate

Cultural norms and work styles are equally important. Chinese managers tend to operate more comfortably in clearly hierarchical structures, as opposed to more open and flatter collaborative office environments. Multinationals in China point out difficulty with geographic mobility. These gestures have never been reciprocated. Neither my husband nor I receive as much as a phone   подробнее

heavy on the creamy

I was prepared for something akin to cough syrup but was surprised. Yes, it’s sweet, but not cloyingly so, and the flavor is heavy on the creamy vanilla side. A co worker had suggested mixing it with cola. GALLAGHER: I do not. That is amnesty by another term of. We need to enforce the law.   подробнее

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